Lawyers in Marbella

Marbella is a beautiful Municipality in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, which is located in the Southern of Spain. It is part of the Costa del Sol, where Mediterranean lifestyle is they key element attracting tourists and people wishing to stay for more than a holiday period. Its culture, the gastronomy, the people, educational institutions and booming tourist market are also very appealing for those interested in investing and buying a property.

We are a bilingual Law Firm with many years of experience dealing with Debt Recovery, Real Estate, Corporate and Immigration Law. We are located in Marbella where we have assessed and represented the interests of our international clients in Real Estate matters, such as conveyancing, drafting buying and purchase agreements, and dealing with taxes, among others. Our clients come from different countries, being the most common buyers or investors in this area British, Russian and Scandinavian citizens.

In the 20th century, this little town mostly depending on fishing started to become a modern touristic area with the appearance of the first high category hotels and restaurants, full of luxury and aimed for high profile clients, thus turning this town into a major spot on the map for many people around the world. Marbella became into a very popular jet set destination. The city urbanized very quickly, offering now good public services, good infrastructure (healthcare institutions, educational institutions, etc.) and a well-planed public transportation, adding the four ports of the city which are mostly for commercial and touristic purposes, where cruises normally stop for a while. It is also worth mentioning that the foreign population in Marbella is increasing little by little. Their presence is so important that on the city there are journals in other languages besides Spanish, such as English or German,

Marbella is now a synonym of beaches, fiesta and gastronomy, which is a good call for tourism development. However, this is not the sole sector that is growing in the zone. The booming housing market along with other business services account most of the economic income of Marbella. The Real Estate area covers from individual properties to live, whether permanently or occasionally, to offices and other properties aimed for commerce.

After a period of economic downturn, Marbella’s Real Estate market is getting back on top. Investors are widely attracted by the business opportunities offered there, and also have shown their interests in the new law passed by the government to facilitate and benefit foreigners who wish to acquire a property in Spain. It is important to remember that residence permit is being granted to those foreigners who make a significant investment in property in Spain recently. Which is why our Law Firm has prepared efficient legal solutions for our international clients, based on our experience dealing with Real Estate law proceedings.

Our Law Firm can run and check if there are any pitfall involved in the selling or buying of a property located in Marbella that could affect you during the conveyance process or later on. Our goal is to represent your interests and protect your investment in our country. We can even help you issuing in a Spanish bank your mortgage with enough time to fulfill the purchase without any inconvenient or delay. You also should bear in mind that our attorneys will find the best financial institution according to your needs and will speed up the proceeding to be granted the mortgage or loan around 2 or 3 weeks after submitting the documentation.

Experts consider that investing in Marbella is a good choice: lower prices in the best Coast of Spain. There’s no question that this is true, thus contact our Law Firm and we will help you and will represent you, if you want to, during all your Real Estate procedure.