Lawyers in Mallorca.

Despite many people’s thoughts about housing market in Spain and the economy of the country, there are places that are still considered in the Real Estate market a safe investment. Mallorca is part of Autonomous Community of Balearic Islands and acquiring a property there is very coveted. Its natural beauty and famous “fiestas” attracts many tourists throughout the year. Most of them eventually will look for a holiday property or even a permanent residence in this beautiful island. Even though it is located in an archipelago, it counts with many elements typically found in cosmopolitan or urban cities which are only discovered by those who have chosen to stay as residents. Starting your journey through the purchase of a property there could be a difficult road if you do not count with the proper assistance regarding legal proceedings and regulations in Spain. Therefore, based on our many years of experience, our Law Firms knows exactly what your needs are and will be able to help you when purchasing your property.
If you are a foreigner looking for investing your money in Spain, Mallorca could be a good place to do so. This island counts with wide range of offers in the Real Estate Market, not only for those who are thinking in residing but also, for those entrepreneurs thinking about opening a business.
Selecting Mallorca to live surely will make you feel just like home. Many visitors from Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Scandinavian countries have decided to make of this island their permanent home. Even if you wish to come with your family, this island has everything you may need. From excellent public services and highly professional medical institutions to wonderful international educational institutes, which most of them offer their services in Spanish and other languages such as English or German, this island just keeps growing and adapting to the needs of its new residents and so it does its Real Estate Market.
The authorities in Mallorca are fully aware of the significant amount of foreigners in the area, thus they will do their best to ensure political and economic wellbeing for everyone. Therefore, if you are interested in incorporate a company, there are plenty of local premises and buildings for business purposes in Mallorca’s Real Estate Market. However, you must take into consideration that in this region tourism is the main source of income, thus it is extremely advisable to think of opening a 4 or 5 starts hotel, restaurants or any business related to recreational activities, among others.
Since 2013, experts on the housing market have stated that Mallorca will continue growing and the Real Estate market is just about to have its best moment in years. In the past, banks were a little bit reluctant about granting mortgages or loans to foreigners, however, this didn’t stop the market to get around the edge and being seem as an opportunity to attract buyers who were looking for luxury. Real Estate market then started to pursuit, target and promote the island as a destination for wealthy visitors. Thus, the characteristics of the market radically changed, a gap was created between modest properties and big and expensive properties. Thus our attorneys can help you acquiring any type of properties, from a small department with 2 bedrooms to big mansions with 5 or 6 bedrooms, terrace and big yards.
Our attorneys will verify that every step that you take during your conveyance process is in accordance with Spanish Real Estate law. We can represent you during the entire process, including drafting agreements, requesting or submitting documents in the Land Registry, paying taxes and much more. Contact us and learn everything you need to know to complete your journey to Mallorca’s dream.