Lawyers in Madrid

The capital of Spain, Madrid, exhibits all the ingredients of a cosmopolitan and first world class city. With a great combination of history, multicultural background, gastronomy and infrastructure, this city has a lot to offer for residents, tourists and investors. It is not only the epicenter of the legislative, executive and judicial powers, but also, it is the heart of the business, financial and economic activity of the country. All these elements makes this city a major target form property buyers who wish to reside permanently or stay for a long period in Madrid to study, invest or just live new experiences. The Real Estate housing market offers a wide variety, from small classis apartments to big luxurious mansions. These properties can be located either in the center of the city or outside the city, rather near the borders of this important Autonomous Community. Our Law Firms knows that entering into a new legal system cannot be an easy task, therefore, our attorneys are there to guide you during the entire process of acquiring your dreamed property in Madrid.

Despite the existing crisis that is affecting all Spain, and in general the housing market, Madrid has managed to remain productive, within a Real Estate market that has developed strategies to attract new buyers specially those coming from Europe, Latin America and the United States, thus offering a wide range of opportunities to acquire properties for living or for business purposes.

Madrid has experienced over the last years a significant growth. High level investments have been made and they have encourage the modernization of particular areas of the city. For instance, the business nucleus of the city, now exhibits some skyscrapers of major companies in Spain, which have added a contemporary look to the architecture and infrastructure of the city. On the other hand, near the center of the city common traditional structures can be found which has been kept to maintain the same classic view of Madrid. This old classic style blends with its narrow streets full of history, restaurants and bars, where most of the visitors of this city allows themselves to get enchanted by the famous Spanish gastronomy, whether traditional or haute cuisine.

The central areas of Madrid house most of the cultural diversity of the city. These zones are well known for being form by popular neighborhoods (such as Lavapies or Chueca) or upper middle class neighborhoods (such as Salamanca or Retiro). In this regard, you must be aware that properties near the center are high valued in the Real Estate market. These quarters count with all the basic needs just around the corner (supermarket, schools, healthcare centers, among others) and areas of entertainment, whether outdoors (Parque el Retiro) or indoors (museums, theaters, etc.). Plus, if you are looking forward to incorporate a business, the center is by far the best option for you. Therefore, our attorneys are always updated in relation to the offered properties in the area and the current laws that could affect any conveyance process in this area.

In contrast to the center of the city, some buyers who wish to reside permanently or for a long period in Madrid should consider the options offered outside Madrid itself: in the suburbs. Being just around an hour or two by car or bus, these villages and towns offer excellent bargains and beautiful properties or flats for those buyers looking for quietness and quality on the same place. For instance, La Moraleja or La Finca are well known nearby urban areas that has managed to overcome the downwards in the Real Estate market. Moreover, looking for plots could be even easier.

Our Law Firm knows how to help you and protect your interests when acquiring a property. Contact us and learn about our services of representation in conveyance processes in Madrid. Be guided by the bests.