Lawyers in Alicante

The beautiful city of Alicante definitely defines Mediterranean lifestyle that most people around the world have heard about. Many tourists chose to spend some time around just to enjoy the sun, the general weather throughout the year, its people, its culture and its gastronomy. Some of these visitors rent apartments to stay for 3 or 6 months, but some others just want to stay longer, maybe even for good. Thus, Real Estate market in this area is very dynamic and always offer different options according to people’s needs. Our Law Firm knows how the housing market works in this part of the Valencian Community and also, knows all the inconvenient that you could find in the legal field when looking for a place to buy or rent in Alicante. Therefore, counting with our help could make the process smoother for you.

Once you come to Alicante, it is very hard not to get appealed by the idea of working and living under the sun and next the coast. Its privileged location offers a diversity of areas to enjoy of outdoors activities, and when it comes to urban facilities, it just has it all: Excellent public services; a well-planned city and roads that connect all villages and towns around the area; great infrastructure; first quality health care centers; the best educational institutions, such as the Alicante University, which is located in Sant Vicent de Raspeig; and much more.

We cannot forget, Alicante’s good public transportation services such as buses or street cars, which along with the train service and its busy airport, makes us think that this city got it all covered. From connections by train, offered by Renfe, to major cities like the neighboring Valencia, to the distant ones like Madrid or Barcelona, to different and frequent flights with national and international destinations such as Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Algeria or France. Foreign Real Estate buyers have their way in and out of the city really easy.

You must consider that Alicante counts with a diversity of economic areas that are widely developed throughout the city such as big industrial companies and business related to tourism. In this city, you can find big fabrics related to automobile brands, metallurgy, chemicals and petrochemicals business. Most of these are subsidiaries of international big companies who have chosen this city to expand their business. This has encouraged as well the development of the urban areas, increasing the Real Estate offer around the city.

This city also provides to future investors, whether national or foreigners, a wide offer of small or mediums local business premises. Therefore, we as a Law Firm support our clients not only for the acquisition of properties for living, but also for the purchase of properties to set up your own business in Alicante.

Unless you are familiar with Real Estate Law, and those applicable laws to the Autonomous community of Valencia, you should count with the guidance of one of our attorneys to help you to consider the best options in the Real Estate market to buy a property or set up a company in Alicante. We can check that all the documentation and taxes are up to date and in accordance with law, thus saving any difficulty that may arise in the future. Even if your Spanish is not that fluent, you should consider being assessed by a bilingual attorney (Spanish-English), who can explain in your own language what is being done and even draft documents in both languages for your total comprehension. Contact us and leave on reliable hands your conveyance process in Alicante.