Lawyers in Sotogrande.

Do you wish to retire in Spain? Or would you like to buy a property for holidays or to reside permanently in Spain? If you are looking for a property located in the South of Spain, with a nice weather and the sun shining most of the year, and near the coast, then you should acquire a property in the residential area of Sotogrande. It is located in the Municipality of San Roque, Cádiz, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Our Law Firm is situated to just 30 km away from this exclusive urban area, thus we can represent you in any future conveyance process.

Andalusia is probably the second Autonomous Community in relation to tourism balance, thus many visitors once they learned about the Mediterranean lifestyle and get enchanted by the Coast and the natural areas may never want to leave. Sotogrande is a luxurious and private residential area, which is located in a privileged position where its residents can have a beautiful look of the Sea and the forest surrounding it. Since its creation 1962, this place keeps growing and becoming famous around the globe for Real Estate investment because these properties are really appreciated.

Sotogrande is a highly wanted area in Real Estate. Foreigners investing in this area are mostly from United Kingdom, France, Belgic and Scandinavia. Also, the most popular and powerful names around the world have chosen it as a place to spend some time off the grid. In this exclusive area, you may find celebrities and even politicians. These VIP residents, along with its many artificial lakes and its golf courses, luxury would be the best word that describes Sotogrande urban area.

According to recent Real Estate studies, despite the recession in the Spanish economy or the downfall of the prices in housing market, Sotogrande has remained almost untouchable by the surrounding crisis. The profile of the people living in this urban area has somehow manage to be a benefit, thus the prices here have not fallen but rather remained equal or even, in some cases, have increased. As a result, investing in a property in Sotogrande seems to be a safe investment for the future.

Our Law Firm understand how complicated might be to deal with Spanish Real Estate Law for you as a foreginer, thus we offer a high quality service for all our clients. We want to make easy for you the path to your new property acquisition. Even if you are willing to buy a land or a new home under construction in Sotogrande, we can be your eyes here in Spain, verifying constantly that everything is going as agreed between you and the other party. Our help here in Spain could save you unnecessary visits to our country, as the attorney handling your case will be always available for you through Skype, email or phone call to review the situation and start any proceeding on your behalf before Spanish authorities by means of a Power of Attorney.

Sotogrande is a good place to invest and start all over again if you are willing to move with your whole family to Spain. Residence visas are being granted if you make a significant investment in property in Spain, which is set forth in the new law for an amount equivalent to 500,000€. Thus, our Law Firm will not only guide you and represent you in Real Estate matters, but also we can assess you in relation to visas and other immigration matters.

As you can see, our Law Firm offers a wide variety of services designed just for you. Acquire a property in Spain taking the safe road and leave your legal matters in our hands.