Lawyers in Ibiza

The Balearic Islands are a small paradise located in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza is one of those islands which has been catching tourists and investors’ attentions for many years now due to its parties, gastronomy, beaches and culture. Many of them come from the United States, Latin American countries and European countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, France or Italy. Most of these visitors have chosen to acquire a property on this island and wake up every day in paradise. Its wonderful climate makes this island a hot spot even in winter. Therefore, you must bear in mind that when holidays come, finding a place to rent is almost an impossible task; thus, having your own place could be a plus, for you and your family.

Ibiza is made for those who wish to retire or have a place to retreat surrounded by its beaches, its unique nature and colorful villages, which are silent witnesses of the different cultures who have settled in this archipelago across the history. It is this extraordinary mixture that has caused that an important part of this island is registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finding the right place to live in this beautiful island can be a bit complicated if you are not assessed by experts in the Real Estate market. Our Law Firm counts with sufficient experience, knowledge and strategic alliances to help you purchasing a property here and never leave.

Real Estate market in Ibiza has not been affected widely by the economic crisis in Spain. In contrast to the mainland, its foreign investors have managed to keep alive the housing market of the island since 2010. Most of the offered properties are big country-style houses or mansions, which count with more than 4 bedrooms and luxurious details such as Terra cotta floors and swimming pools, among others. This type of property is not located in the center but rather near the coasts and beaches. Small modern apartments and houses can be found also in the center of the island; however, these small properties can count as well with beautiful luxurious details. Ibiza’s properties are very coveted among real estate investors; however, if you prefer to build your own house, there are many plots of lands existing in the market.

In the event that you wish to build your own property, whether to reside or open up a business, or buy a property under construction, you must be aware that there are locations where construction works are completely banned for its condition of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, it is vital that you count with the guidance of a lawyer who checks if all licenses has been granted and no law is being broken, otherwise you could have problems in the future. All precautions are worthy when talking about investing money, especially if such investment involves millions of euros.

Living in Ibiza is a good option for it counts with all facilities to have a quiet and easy life. In terms of transportation, it counts with good public transportations for all the island is connected through its bus service. Also, its airport has frequent flights to Barcelona and during summer it is open for international flights coming from all over Europe. Moreover, its ports receive daily ferries from other Balearic Islands and Barcelona or Valencia. In addition, Ibiza counts with high quality public and private services (health, financial and educational institutions) which offer their services not only in Spanish and Catalan but also in English.

Our Law Firm is always open for consultation about how to proceed with conveyance in Ibiza and our bilingual attorneys are completely informed about how to avoid frauds and problems along the way. Contact us and ask for our services.