Lawyers in Barcelona.

One of the most important cities in Spain after the capital, Madrid, is the beautiful Barcelona. Near the coast, it is one of the largest cities by the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Also, it shares border with the Collserola Mountains and most significantly with the Pyrenees, thus offering a completely different environment from one side to the other. Barcelona belongs to the Autonomous Community of Catalonia and its privileged position combines both the Mediterranean lifestyle with the hustle of a cosmopolitan city. There’s no question that it is one of the most populated cities in Europe, offering then a mixture of cultures and nationalities which is common in crowded metropolis. Properties offered in this city are very wanted, as this city receives a lot of visitors, whether for business purposes or tourism, throughout the year. Our Law Firm knows how this Real Estate market moves and has all the experience to assess you in relation to any legal matter that may arise from acquiring, renting or selling a property in Barcelona.

Even though Barcelona has not escaped from the side effects of the economic crisis that is affecting Spain, it has managed to navigate the existing problems and has a promising future for it is constantly changing and growing, without forgetting its historically timeless beauty on the public eye. Its beautiful combination of modern architecture and classic hints have captivated millions of visitors for many years now.

Barcelona’s streets are silent witnesses of major plastic artists (such as “La Pedrera” or the “Sagrada Familia” of the famous Art Nouveau artist Gaudí) which have lead the Generalitat (Government of the Region) to strongly preserve this singular characteristic. However, this has not prevented investors from constructing modern buildings and houses around the city. Therefore, this city counts with a strong profile for property buyers. In terms of business premises, you should know that near the center of the city, you will find a lot of options with a variety of prices. If your intention is to acquire a property to develop an activity in the tourism area, whether a hotel or a restaurant, the costs may increase a little bit. Our Law Firm has the necessary experience to help you sorting any legal matter in this regard.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a property, apartment or plot to reside for a while or for good, there are available options in the center, near the coast and the suburbs. In any case, if you know where to look at, you can find reals bargain as a consequence of the current breakdown of the housing market. The last is a major advantage, especially when financial institutions are not easily granting mortgages. Buying a similar apartment of 2 bedrooms in the center of Barcelona, like in El Raval or Born-Ribera, could be rather expensive than purchasing the same flat a bit farther in the neighborhood of Zona Alta (a famous zone for its Russian and Scandinavians residents). For holiday residences, you may select between a property near the Costa Brava and a property in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

In conclusion, it seems that the right move in this case is to know what are you exactly looking for in the Real Estate market and receive the correct assessment about how to get it. Our bilingual lawyers knows how to help you to make the right choice and check that all legal requirements (deeds, licenses and taxes, among others) are in accordance with Law. Contact us and leave your conveyance process in the hands of experts in the Spanish Real Estate Law.