Lawyers in Almeria


Spanish Coast is a highly demanded spot for visitors to our country. The Autonomous Community of Andalusia is well known for its warm weather most of the year; thus, tourists from colder countries in Europe like England, Russia or Germany, have placed this destination among their favorites to visit at least once during the year. Almeria is a province of Andalusia, which stands out for its historical mixture between its Spanish roots with its Moorish added culture. Because of this, Almeria is considered of great beauty, for its buildings, streets and architecture exhibit a unique combination of cultures. There’s no question about the reasons that drive many visitors or investors to stay for long periods in this part of our country. The Real Estate market in Almeria right now is offering many options for buyers, whether Spanish citizens or foreigners, which invites you to put your money and future in this city.

The economy of Almeria is mostly based on agriculture and tourism, thus looking for a property, land or commercial premise to invest or develop a business in any of these economic areas in this city could be relatively easy if you count with the appropriate guidance and information. For instance, Almeria’s privileged position near the coast, not only attracts thousands of tourists during the year, but also its ports empowers the business and trade of goods between Spain and other countries such as Algeria and Morocco. Also, Almeria counts with an important airport which is ranked one of largest airports in this autonomous community. This airport, connects Almeria with major cities in Spain and around Europe such as London, Berlin and Brussels, among others. Considering all these reasons, buying a property or invest in Real Estate market in Almeria is once again a good choice.

On the other hand, Andalusia is one of the cheapest autonomous communities in Spain; therefore, living and buying or renting a property in Almeria could be very advisable for those foreigners with a humble budget. To look for a property in this city you can check property magazines or websites, or even ask for help from estate agents around the area. However, it is always advisable to count with the help of a bilingual attorney specialized in Real Estate Law. Why? First, it is not common or easy to find estate agents who speak a second language besides Spanish, and it would be really helpful for you to count with a person who speaks your language, explain you all the legal matters involved in the conveyance process and even draft purchase and sale agreements in both languages. Second, the complete conveyance process in Spain is strictly regulated by Real Estate Law, whether you are buying a property or a land, you must follow specific steps and pay certain taxes (stipulated by the Almeria’s Town Hall) to avoid any problems in the future, especially when the buyer or seller is not a Spanish citizen.

Remember that our attorneys can represent you before any Spanish authorities by means of a Power of Attorney granted by you, and your spouse if it is applicable, stating that he/she is entitled to submit documentation or request any document or certificate in the Land Registry, Town Hall, Tax Office or any other entity where the property is located. Our Law Firm offers different services aimed to protect your interests and your money, from possible frauds or misunderstandings during the conveyance process between you and the other party. Our Law Firm fees for Real Estate services are very competitive. Write us and leave your queries or request our services for conveyance in Almeria.