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Real Estate Law in Spain


Due to resent legal actions carried by the government in economic policy and drop or fall in the prices of the Spanish housing market, our country has become in a good place for those foreigners who wish to acquire or invest in Real Estate. Our Law Firm with international background is aware of the difficulties when coping with Real Estate Laws for an individual, whether national or foreigner. Any matter related with purchasing or selling property in Spain involves dealing with a lot of paperwork, queues and stages that must be completed in a specific order, thus it can be time consuming. Even for a foreigner, this could involve frequent unplanned visits to Spain which could increase the costs related to the property purchase.

Despite the fact that the government has passed a law to increase or encourage foreign investment on real estate, they have not simplified the process to submit or request documentation to complete the acquisition or selling of properties. Not having proper knowledge of the process could delay the conveyance, cause legal claims or even worst, drive inexpert individuals to frauds. Our experienced bilingual lawyers can help you avoiding any problem and make easy for you all this process by assessing you individually regarding the proceeding and requirements to complete your transmission of property. Moreover, they are completely qualified to act on your behalf by means of a Power of Attorney in any proceeding and before the corresponding Spanish authority when doing conveyance if you request our services.

Before giving any amount of money or signing any document or agreement, you must be clear on what to do next. Our attorneys’ main goal is to protect your interests, therefore our services are designed to help you taking the right steps to purchase or sale a property. For instance, just by consulting one of our specialist in Real Estate at the beginning of the proceeding to acquire a house or land, we can help you verifying if the property you wish to buy has been sold to more than one person; if it is an unregistered property; or if it counts with all registered licenses for its habitability. Remember that knowledge is always a key aspect when starting any legal matter.

All the aforementioned aspects to be considered when buying a property can be checked just by issuing and/or requesting certain documentation to the Land of Registry in Spain. Even if you have requested it or not, we always advice our clients to issue a “Nota Simple” as a first step when dealing with Real Estate matters. After this, we normally verify as well if all the licenses and permits have been issued in the corresponding Town Hall by the builder in question; and also, that all taxes haven been paid and are up to date.

Once we have clear picture of the property, not only physically but legally, we can help you negotiating the property; dealing with the bank, the real-estate agent and the selling or buying party; putting together all the requirements to be granted the corresponding mortgage; and draft a “Contrato de arras” or a purchase and sale agreement in connection thereof. If you are focused on under construction properties, we can verify the record and background of the building company (CIF, constructions permits, etc.).

We will help you dealing with any query, problem or proceeding related to your Real Estate matter in Spain using both Spanish and English, so you know what you are signing and doing in every part of the process. Our fees for conveyance proceedings are very competitive, write us and learn about our services.