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 We work for our client´s best interests 


Buy a property in Spain with the confidence and trust that every detail will be watched by our experts.


Save time and money when selling your property in Spain by appointing a legal representative who does everything for you.


By investing €500,000 in properties in Spanish territory, you will be facilitated the process toward the Spanish residency.


When buying or selling a property in Spain, you may need a solicitor who can draft a purchase and sale agreement in both English and Spanish.

We represent clients all over Spain

Our Services



If you have seen a property that meets your expectations, needs and budget in Spain, we can help you and represent you to acquire such property in accordance with Spanish regulations and taxes. We will draft or check the contract to secure your interests.

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selling a property in spain


When selling a property it is important that all the require documentation, taxes and licenses are up to date, so the selling process between you and the other party occurs without delay or problems. Our lawyers can help you issuing and drafting any document in connection thereof.

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Apply for a mortgage in Spain


Our Real Estate Lawyers based in their experience can help you issuing in a short period of time your loan or mortgage to acquire the desired property. We can advise you on the best financial institution for you according to your needs and the conditions of mortgage payment.

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About Us

Rapid and honest response to our clients

If you have any doubt or query in relation to lease, buy or sell a property, our staff can guide you over the process. Just send us an email and shortly you will receive an answer based in your case.

Strong business & work ethics

As a Law Firm dealing with Real Estate Law, we will always assess your case based on confidentiality, trust and professionalism. Our Real Estate Lawyers will protect your interests in any transaction.

Registered Spanish Attorneys

All our attorneys are duly registered in the Colegio de Abogados de Madrid (Bar Association) and all our clients can verify such information.

Fully Bilingual Staff

Our Real Estate Lawyers have international background and will assess you in both English and Spanish, so you can understand every part of the process and deal with legal requirements in Spain.

Other services

When acquiring a property in Spain, you will need at least to get a NIE number to complete this transaction, and also, you may need to issue a visa or permit to enter and reside in our country, especially if you are not part of an EU member estate. Our Law Firm can assess you in this area as well.

If you are willing to acquire several properties or a property that reaches the amount of 500,000€, you could apply for a resident visa as well. If you prove such significant investment in property, you will be granted in a short period of time the residency card for investors.

Investing your money in Spain to set up a new company can be really exhausting and difficult if you do not know how to deal with the legal requirements, taxes, licenses and stages in the process. Our Real Estate Lawyers can make this task easier for you, for we can assess you and represent you.